Customer review

Review Date: April 08, 2017
Member: Robert @ Sue
Efland, NC 27243

Category: Tree Service

Services Performed: Yes

Work Completed Date: April 8, 2017

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $1,000.00

Description Of Work: Felled trees and cut them into sections that we could deal with, using our own smaller chain saw and a pole saw.

Member Comments: Mark responded to my email inquiry on the same day I sent it. He came out to give us an estimate on a Saturday so that my husband could be at home to discuss the job without taking time off from work. Mark and a crew member came when scheduled. They cut down 4 large pine trees that were near the house and the septic system. They also cut down 3 medium-sized maples that were too close to the house. They did a great job of felling the trees without using expensive machinery. Our property is all forested and hilly, with areas of soggy ground which would make it difficult to get to the work area with a bucket truck or crane. Mark likes to plan a strategy for bringing trees down in tricky locations and all the work was done efficiently and safely with no damage to house or fence. The long, slender tree branches were sawed off at convenient sizes for us to drag away, and the heavy limbs and trunks were cut into 2-3 foot sections which we have been able to move down to our driveway for hauling away. Mark is very experienced and easy to work with. He does not pressure customers to have unnecessary work done. We would highly recommend him and his crew to anyone needing tree work.